The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

Videos of a 19 year old girl receiving real corporal punishment with dad’s paddle

There are many dads who believe that a hard paddling is the only way to keep their teen daughter in line.  They know that a sore bottom teaches a lesson differently than grounding her, or taking away her phone for a week.  A teen girl can live without her phone for quite some time, but the constant reminder of a sore bottom seems to serve as a better deterrent.

Effective dads have learned that a teen girl needs her bottom paddled hard in order for her to really learn a lesson.  Gone are the days when a brief little spanking would change her attitude.  Let’s take for example the dad below and how he deals with a 19 year old daughter. First, he never hesitates to use corporal punishment, and he uses it on the spot.  When his daughter acts up in public, the second he gets home, he sends he to her room to get her paddle.  It is a paddle he made for her several years before, while she stood next to him in the garage as he constructed it.  He had her spend a couple of hours after he made it, sanding it by hand, so she would get to know it very well.  It is very much her paddle, it is kept in her room, and used exclusively on her teen bottom.  Even with her having been out of high school for a year, her bottom still feels that paddle on a fairly regular basis.  As you can see, he does not hold back when paddling her teen butt when it is required, and he is pretty creative when it comes to placing her in position to be paddled.  He no longer paddles her bare butt, as he hits hard enough that it on occasion it would break her skin, but after every paddling she receives, he checks her bare bottom to make sure it is properly bruised.

Real corporal punishment paddling video of a teen girl from her dad

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Because he believes in paddling on the spot for infractions, this has led to some embarrassing situations for her.  On multiple occasions she has had friends over at her house and has had to bend over and have her bottom paddled in front of them.  He changes nothing in the way she is punished just because someone else is present.  He paddles her hard and always checks her bare butt, even with her friends over.  He feels that only her behavior influences if she is paddled or not, so if the moment calls for it, then corporal punishment must be used.  One of the worst times for her was a very recent paddling she received from her dad.  She came home late and had also been driving his car.  What made it even more uncomfortable for his daughter is that a new neighbor, who had just moved in, was over for her 1st visit.  Even with a new guest in their home, he is not deterred and feels the need to address her behavior on the spot.  At almost the same moment that she is being introduced to their neighbor, she is being sent to the kitchen to get the bread board.  Less than 30 seconds later, she is handing over the keys to the car that she is now grounded from, and presenting her bottom to be paddled, right in front of the neighbor.

You can see in the video below that he does not hold back, even in the presence of guests.  He swings that giant breadboard with such force that it breaks into pieces after just a couple of swats.  You can tell that those swats really do the job, but he is not satisfied after the paddle breaks and is certainly not going to let that deter him from finishing the paddling she deserves.  He goes and gets the most recent paddle he has constructed while she waits, bent over in the living room, just a few feet from their new neighbor.  When her dad returns he really gets to work on her bottom with his new paddle, alternating between her bottom cheeks swinging full force.  After she has been taught a proper lesson, he checks her bottom to see if it is sore enough.  He sends her off to her room, not even allowing her to pull her pants back up.  He is a strict single father of a 19 year old girl, but he gets the results he needs through swift and severe corporal punishment. 

Teen girl receives corporal punishment from her dad, real video

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Only at can you see videos like this, ones that capture the true intensity and realism of corporal punishment in the homes of America.  The scenes are not long and drawn out, with filler material to make the spanking seem longer.  We get to see real corporal punishment videos, in which the discipline is quick, realistic, and most of all painful.  There are no little pitty pat spankings, we see corporal punishment in its most pure form, leading to bruised bottoms and tearful, age appropriate teens.  As of the writing of this post, they have 1708 different corporal punishment videos in their member’s area, featuring more than 100 different models, everyone of them available from the moment you signup.

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