The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

Severe corporal punishment with a hairbrush, for a teen girl, from her dad


dad spanks daughter with a hairbrush

Waiting for her dad to come in and spank her bottom with a heavy wooden hairbrush.

Her mom is the primary disciplinarian in their home, and this is generally accomplished through a mixture of spanking and grounding.  For the most part, at the age of 17 she is relatively well behaved, but still finds herself in trouble on occasion.  At the very most, she is spanked by her mom once a month.  She is fairly receptive to such punishments, so they do not occur all that often.  As with any teen girl, she finds herself losing her phone here and there and spends several weekends a year grounded.

On very rare occasions, she ends up getting spanked by her dad.  This is a less than

severe hairbrush spanking from dad

Pinned in place while dad blisters her bottom with the hairbrush.

once a year event and is withheld for the most severe infractions.  Dad is particularly strict when it comes to anything car related, especially speeding.  As a new driver he believes she should be safe and cautious in all aspects of her driving.  Her last spanking from him was about a month after she received her license, when she received her 1st speeding ticket, and that is a spanking she remembered for quite some time.

dad spanks daughter with a hairbrush

He is just getting started, this spanking will not be over until she cannot sit down.

The issue that he decided needs his attention today is a speeding ticket for going 38 in a 20, and it was a school zone.  The ticket is almost $200 and as a result of it being in a school zone, it will cost her 8 points on her license.  Clearly dad is not happy and has decided to handle this issue himself.  He sends her into his study, has her bare her bottom and wait for him.  The part is always stressful for her as she knows that nothing really hurts more than the hairbrush her dad uses on her.  He lets he sweat it out for a good 10 minutes so she can fully focus on what she did and what is about to happen.  Sitting there on the ottoman in his study, with her pants and panties around her knees, the tears begin well before the spanking ever starts.

He enters his study and focuses on the task at hand.  They just had a family meeting in which this issue was discussed in

teenager spanked by her father

Holding her in place and giving her the spanking she has earned.

detail, so all that is left is to teach her once and for all, that speeding is dangerous.  He is going to teach her the best way he knows how, with a heavy wooden hairbrush applied forcefully to her bottom.  He has her stand up and takes her seat on the ottoman and then has her go over his knee.  He knows from experience that there is no way she can hold still during the type of spanking he is about to give her, it is so severe that he cannot imagine any teen girl being able to just sit there and take it.  As a result, he always pins her right arm behind her back and then puts his right leg over the backs of her legs.  He has learned this position holds her nicely in place and allows him to spank as hard as he needs to without her wiggling out of position or getting her hand in the way of the brush.

He loves his daughter very much, so much that he is willing to administer corporal punishment in a very severe manner.  He knows that it will be this spanking that is going to get her to slow down in her car and to be a safe driver.  He is going to make sure her bottom tingles every time she finds herself even a mile over the speed limit.  With her best interests in mind he gets to work.  He sees no point in making it a long drawn out event, the goal is immediate and severe pain that she will never forget.  He raises the brush up in the air and starts.  He takes a rapid fire approach and there are no pauses in between strokes with the thick and heavy wooden hairbrush.  He spanks as hard and as fast as he can.  She screams from the very 1st stroke and a mixture of screaming and crying never lets up for the duration of her spanking.

dad spanks daughter

Her dad spanks long and hard and does not stop until every inch of her teen bottom is marked from the brush.

teen bottom bruised from a spanking

Her teen bottom is properly marked and sore.

The heavy brush digs deep into her bottom hitting every muscle beneath the surface.  He does not alternate from left cheek to the right; he will place 3-4 swats in one spot and then move slightly to a new spot.  He covers every inch of her bottom and he does so more than once.  Her skin type starts with what is not a typical bruise and when her bottom is left with a sort of white, chaffed look, he knows he is well on his way to making progress.  She always fights hard through the majority of her spanking and he has to really clamp down to hold he in place.  He does not slow down or let up at all and he continues to spank until some of the fight is gone in her.  While the crying never really stops, at some point her body begins to relax a little and she struggles much less.  He knows that this is what he has been waiting for, her starting to give in to her punishment.  He believes strongly in spanking until the will of the child begins to fade.  After 3-4 minutes of very intense and severe discipline, when her entire bottom is covered in marks that he knows will be painful bruises, he finally stops.  He lets her lay on his lap for a minute, really getting all of the tears out.  He will finally help her off of his lap, give her a nice hug, and send her off to her room so she can deal with the pain and emotion of a very severe hairbrush spanking in private.

From an intense hairbrush spanking video that leads to a very bruised bottom and very real tears in the member’s area of



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