The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

Sometimes corporal punishment alone is not enough to teach a teen girl

Some parents are forced to get creative when it comes to applying corporal punishment to their daughters.  For a girl who grew up in an environment in which corporal punishment is a daily part of her life, as she gets older, it might not be the same deterrent that it used to be.  Sure, her parents have always spanked her hard and as she became an older teen, may have been forced to apply corporal punishment with great severity.  Maybe it is the fact that she has grown used to having her bottom bruised on a regular basis, or maybe she just has a high pain tolerance, but such issues have forced parents to be creative and find other ways to make corporal punishment more effective.

teen girl gets a bare bottom spanking from her mom

Her mom bares her 18 year old bottom for her spanking

As a teen girl approaches her college years, she starts to feel independent, and like a fully functioning, independent, adult.  But the reality is, is that she is now quite there yet.  She is not supporting herself, raising a family, or really all that self-sufficient.  This results in her sometimes getting a little too big for her britches.  Parents that get creative with corporal punishment often use this very fact and add some reminders to her punishment that let her know that she is still a teen, still living under their roof, and can still be treated like a child when she acts like one.

One of the most common techniques to bring a teen girl back to size, it to bare her bottom for her spanking.  We are not only talking about her butt being

dad bares daughter's bottom for a spanking

She is horrified as her dad pulls down her pants and panties himself.

bared for a spanking, we are talking about the mom or the dad baring her bottom for her. Not since she was a few years out of diapers and dressing herself have her parents had any sort of control over this part of her life.  Imagine the 18 year old girl, getting her 3rd spanking in a month, and her dad decides to show her show is really in control.  He pulls a chair out from the kitchen table, calls her over to him, and then reaches for the button on her pants.  She is horrified as her dad pulls down her pants and her panties for a long and hard spanking over his knee.  She might be used to the pain of a long spanking from her dad, but she will remember the day that he pulled down her pants for her and bared her bottom like she was 6 years old.

teen girl waits for her bare bottom spanking

Sent to her room, told to bare her bottom, and wait for her spanking.

Many of the creative techniques that a parent might use on an older teen to further enhance the effectiveness of corporal punishment involves some level of embarrassment.  Just as with having her bottom bared by a parent, there are many things that make a spanking more embarrassing and they typically involve some level of nudity.  Once puberty hits, a teen girl is generally very private with her body.  Most parents do not see their daughter in any level of undress after the age of 12 or so.  Demonstrating to her that they still have control over all aspects of her life, including when and where her bare bottom is on display is a powerful learning tool.  It may be as simple as a girl being sent to her room to be spanked and told to get her pants and panties down while she waits.  Even at the age of 18, she is quickly learning that her parents are in charge; so much so that they can order her to her room, and make her get mostly naked while she just sits there waiting to be punished. 

There are parents that take this a step farther and do not even allow the modesty of baring her butt

belt spanking from dad

With her bottom bared and in the air, she waits for dad to strap her with the belt.

and waiting in her room.  Picture the dad that lectures his teen daughter right there in the family room and after their discussion he tells her that she will be spanked with his belt.  He has her standup, bare her bottom, and bend over with her hands on the steps to the hallway.  He is in no hurry to punish her, which is how he typically does things.  For this strapping, he makes her wait in that position, with her bare teen bottom in the air.  She does not know how long she will be in that position, he seems to not be in a hurry, all she knows that it is embarrassing and uncomfortable.  For the 1st time in her life she just wishes he would start spanking her bottom with his belt.  Her spanking has taken on a whole new

fully nude spanking from dad

For this spanking, he requires her to be fully nude.

effectiveness and regardless of the spanking she receives; she will remember this one for a very long time and do her best to avoid it.

Even without a long wait, nudity alone can be quite a deterrent.  A teen girl that knows she is going to get her bottom beat long and hard with a belt or a paddle might be deterred from bad behavior, but if this is a regular occurrence, she might just be able to tolerate it.  But if her last spanking involved having to not just bare her bottom, but to remove all of her clothing, she might just have to give a second thought to being naughty.  If dad marched up to her room and ordered her to strip fully naked before he pulled

mom spanks daughter fully naked

Mom pulls her teen daughter straight out of the shower and spanks her wet and naked bottom.

her over his knee, that would be a very memorable event.  Or what of the privacy of the bathroom was all of a sudden violated and she learned that when she misbehaved that even that area was not off limits?  Picture the teen girl is in the shower when her mom just barges in, pulls her from the shower dripping wet, as naked as the day she was born, bends her over the bathtub, and starts spanking her wet bottom.  This is a punishment that is about more than just a sore bottom, she is losing privacy, modesty, and the things she has grown to expect as a young lady.  This changes the course of events for her and she realizes that she not only gains a sore bottom but it losing privileges that she has come to expect in life.

Probably one of the most used punishment techniques that parents utilize, that lead to embarrassment for the teen girl, is adding a public element to her spanking.  The 1st thing this accomplishes is it serves as warning for her siblings in the house.  When a young lady is spanked in front of her brothers and sisters, it helps keep everyone well behaved.  But the main thing it accomplishes is to embarrass whoever is being spanked in such a

girl paddled by dad in front of her brothers and sisters

Dad paddles her bare bottom in the kitchen in front of her siblings

manner.  As with the privacy issue above, no teen girl wants to bare her bottom for anyone except maybe her boyfriend.  Having to present her bare teen bottom to be spanked, anywhere in the house but the privacy of a bedroom, is horrifying for her.  But is goes well beyond just the basic concept of nudity.  She likes to pretend she is tough and that a spanking at this age is no big deal.  But when dad bares her butt and goes to work in the kitchen with the heavy bread board, it is a very big deal and she is unable to control her emotions.  She is not the tough big sister anymore as her siblings watch her cry and carry on, just as they do when they get a good paddling.

For some parents a public spanking of their daughter might not be limited to just siblings being

teen girl spanked in front of friends

After smarting off, her mom bares her butt and spanks her in front of all of her friends

present.  Some girls get a little sassy and try to impress their friends by smarting off to a parent.  Imagine the 18 year old girl sitting in the living room with her closest friends and she decided to get a little attitude with her mom.  That mom takes no lip from any of her children, especially not in the presence of others.  She is horrified as her mom bares her bottom and takes her over her lap right in front of everyone.  These girls did not even know that she was still spanked at this age, much less with her teen bottom bared and over her mom’s knee.  Even with just a simple handspanking, you can count on this being a punishment she will always remember and so will her friends.  Imagine her embarrassment when the spanking is over and she is once

teen paddling from mom

Mom wakes her with the paddle and does it in a way she will never forget.

again left alone with her friends.  One thing is for sure, it will be quite some time before she mouths off to her mom again.

The position a teen girl is spanked in can also be a creative way for her punishment to be changed.  There are many girls that are spanked the same way every time they get in trouble.  They are sent to their room, a parent comes in, and she is told to bend over the bed for a long session with the belt of the paddle.  It is standard, it is what she expects, it is simply how it always happens.  Her parents always spank long and hard, until she has been crying for several minutes, so there is really no way to change this.  But if a memorable spanking is really required, they might need to change up the position for a spanking that will leave an impression.  Maybe her mom waits to spank her until the next morning, marches to her room, pulls back the covers, and folds her daughter’s legs back to her chest for a good paddling.  Nothing makes a teen feel more like a little girl than assuming a position to be spanked in that she has not been in since her mom

teen girl strapping from mom

Placed in a very uncomfortable position for a hard strapping in her teen bottom from mom.

changed her diapers. Or maybe the position itself is quite uncomfortable and just keeping in that position is a bit of a punishment.  A strict mom, fed up with her daughter’s behavior may decide to strap her daughter right there in the living room.  Instead of bending her over the arm of the couch likes she always does, she has her daughter bend over and place her hands on the floor, in a very uncomfortable yoga type position. It makes sense to leave her here for a little bit, stressing her muscles, as she waits for her tiny bottom to be strapped.  Nothing emphasizes that a bottom is about to be spanked than having her bare bottom as the highest point on her body.  It’s just hanging out there in the cool breeze waiting to be warmed up in a very bad way.

dad uses corner time

Corner time for the teen girl after her spanking from dad.

The last aspects that can be added to corporal punishment, to make it much more effective for the girl that is used to a regular spanking, is corner time.  This really brings all of the previous points together with one simple act.  Corner time plays on the whole concept of having a parent being in control and being able to make their daughter do something that would never occur in her daily life.  It also feeds off of the issue of embarrassment as any proper corner time will involve a bare bottom at the very least.  It can easily have a very public element and be done anywhere in the house, where her bruised bottom will be on display for anyone to see.  It also brings her down in size and makes her feel very much like a little girl again, nose in the corner, for a time out.  And finally, if done properly it can be so very uncomfortable and can be a punishment all in itself.

Corner time can be quite simple and used as just a moment of reflection after a spanking.  Dad

girl cornertime after spanking

Dad puts her bare bottom on display for some corner time after her hard spanking.

might pull his daughter over his knee for a spontaneous spanking while he is on the couch.  When it is complete she is required to stand next to the TV for 30 minutes with her pants down.  There is nothing formal or uncomfortable about the position itself, but it does take away all external stimuli and has her focusing on what she did that required a spanking.  Corner time such as this also has a very public aspect and you know each and every sibling in the house will at least sneak a peek at her bright red teen bottom.

teen girl corner time spanking punishment

She is placed in 1 hour of corner time in her room after she was spanked

It can also be utilized to be a little more uncomfortable and make her feel embarrassed and exposed.  As in the example above, let’s look at the dad that for the 1st time decided to make his daughter strip naked for her spanking.  After 5 minutes, fully naked, over his knee, when he finally stops spanking she realizes that her punishment is not over.  He marcher her to the corner, still fully naked, and makes her stand in the corner.  To further emphasize that he still has full control over his daughter’s actions, he has her place her hands behind her head and stay in that position.  He thinks a full hour in this position should do the trick and bring a level of punishment to the table that she has never experienced.  He might have just given her the normal five minute OTK handspanking she expects, but having been required to strip and then do an hour of corner time, he has completely changed not only the effectiveness of the spanking, but changed how long this punishment will live in her memory.

The last version of corner time is a tried and true method for many moms across America.  This

teen bare bottom naked corner time

Hard and painful corner time to go with her very bruised bottom.

involves a strict session of corporal punishment followed by corner time that in itself is a pretty rough punishment.  It involves having a young lady assume a position that is very uncomfortable and hard to maintain for a long period of time.  Some parents go as easy as having their daughter knee on a hardwood floor or the brick mantle of a fire place.  I have read about parents that have placed rice, or even frozen peas for their daughters to kneel on.  Over time this really works the knees and when she is all done, more than just her bottom is sore.  One of the hardest positions to maintain is when a teen girl is required to kneel in front of a wall, with her hands behind her head, and her elbows against the wall.  She is then required to lift her feet off of the ground, essentially putting all of her body weight on her knees.  This also become quite hard on the backs of her legs as the muscles grow tired quickly in this position.  Most parents supervise corner time of this nature, as she is required to keep this position for 5-10 minutes.  It is made clear at the beginning that if her feet touch the ground, that not only does the corner time start over, but so does the spanking.  This helps teach the teen girl about control and willpower.  She learns that with the proper motivation (in this case more spanking) she can accomplish whatever she sets her mind to. She also learns that it is not just about what she wants in life, that sometimes there are things that are required, and if she works hard, they can be accomplished.

These are not posed photos, all the pictures come from full videos in the member’s area of the various websites included with the

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