The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

Teen girl still receives corporal punishment with a paddle from dad

She is 18 years old, she in two months from graduating from high school, and she has

corporal punishment paddling

Being told how many swats with the paddle dad will be giving her

already been accepted to an Ivy League college.  She is considered one of the most beautiful girls in the school and is as popular as they come.  She is tall and slender with a body that every guy in the school would die for.   She gets close to perfect grades and for the most part seems to keep out of trouble.  Every guy wants to be with her, every girl wants to be her.  Every girl thinks they want to be her, but maybe not if they knew her little secret. There is a reason that she is so well behaved…her parents are very strict.  Her little secret is the fact that ever since she was a little girl, if she finds herself in the slightest amount of trouble, she gets spanked.  Her parents utilize only a single type of discipline in their house and it is corporal punishment.  This may be the 21st century, but as far as her parents are concerned, it is 1950 when it comes to punishing their teen daughter.

Bending over for her corporal punishment

Waiting for the corporal punishment to begin

It does not matter how big or small the infraction is, it always leads to a good and hard spanking.  For the bigger offenses, she knows that she will be in for such an intense spanking that her perfect teen bottom will be sore for days.  Both her mother and her father do not hesitate to apply a hard spanking when it is required.  As she has gotten older the spankings from her mom seem to be the worst.  Her dad stopped spanking her on her bare bottom when she was 11 or 12, but mom never stopped spanking her on the bare.  Her mom’s philosophy was that why should she work any harder to apply a hard spanking, when she could just bare her daughter’s bottom and make it hurt even more without all of the extra work.  When her mom spanked her, she was typically sent to her room and then given a long and hard session on her bare butt and thighs with the large leather belt.

While her dad did not spank her bare bottom anymore, it did not seem to matter much

getting corporal punishment from dad

Feeling the first swat on her teen bottom

because he used a large wooden paddle that he had made himself.  His policy was to discipline her the moment that she was in trouble.  There was no being sent to her room to wait and think about what she did.  It seemed he was never too busy to give his daughter a good paddling.  Since she was no longer spanked on the bare butt by him, he also did not care who was present when she was paddled.  Over the years she had been paddled in front of her friends, her family, relatives, her brother, and probably the worst for her were her brother’s little friends.  Her annoying 14 year old brother seemed to have a talent for timing it so he and his little buddies just happened to be walking through the living room or kitchen as she was getting her bottom paddled.

getting paddled by dad in the living room

Corporal punishment in the living room for all to see

Her dad rarely varied his method of administering corporal punishment to his 18 year old daughter.  The only thing that really changed was how many swats that she was to receive.  Unlike her mother who never had a set number of strokes that she would sentence her to, her dad always picked a number at the beginning the he felt fitted the crime.  They would have a brief conversation about what she had done wrong and then he would tell her how many she would get.  This was a strict enough household, that being even five minutes late would get her a paddling from dad.  He rarely gave her less than 12, and on a few occasions over the past year, she was given as many as 35.  He generally paddled her in the living room of the house and on occasion in the kitchen.  She was always sent to get the paddle which hung on the inside of the hall closet door.  The paddle was quite large and was made out of maple and it was heavy.  She would hand him the paddle and then would have to spread

Bruised bottom corporal punishment

The paddle leaves her bottom bruised and sore

her legs wide and bend over and grab her ankles.  There would be no further words spoken and the paddling would begin.  The severity of the punishment was altered by how many swats her poor bottom would receive, not by how hard he paddled, as he always paddled very hard.  It took quite a bit of effort, but she had learned many years before to not move a muscle.  He would take just a tiny pause between each swat, enough to assure an accurate but intense swat.  He loved his daughter very much and felt it was his job to bruise her bottom when her behavior called for it.  This attitude allowed him to continue to paddle long and hard, well after she began to cry.  He always gave her the number of swats that he sentenced her to, and never paddled any easier as a result of her tears.  Twelve severe swats with the paddle might seem a little severe for being five minutes late, but it was this sort of discipline that kept her focused on the task at hand.

She may be smart, sophisticated, and beautiful, but even at the age of 18, she still receives corporal punishment from her parents at home.  In fact, they have already decided that when she comes home from college for the summer, that corporal punishment will not be out of the question.  These pictures come from the very real discipline scenes of Adrienne Black at Firmhand Spanking.  She stars in 27 different punishment videos on their site, with 6 of them being with a heavy wooden paddle.  Firmhand has some of the best paddling videos around.

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