The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

A bare bottom spanking for the teen girl

When a teen girl has been very naughty and requires discipline in her life, a spanking is

teen girl bare butt spanking picture

Dropping her pants for a hard spanking bare bottom spanking with the belt from her mom

often the best solution.  For the high school age teen, a bare bottom spanking is the most effective form of discipline.  There are three reasons why parents throughout the world choose to make their naughty daughter bare her bottom for her spanking.

The primary reason is so the punishment will hurt more.  While some implements, such as a wooden paddle, can still be quite effective over clothing, often the

a bare bottom spanking for the teen girl

About to get a bare bottom strapping from her dad.

sting of an implement is reduced by pants and panties.  Since the intended results of a spanking are a very sore bottom, there is no reason to allow clothing to get in the way.  With her bottom bare, there is no doubt that she will feel every single smack on her teen bottom.  This

teen girl spanking

Nervous and embarrassed, she is about to get the belt on her bare bottom from her father.

also allows her mom or dad to see the results that are being achieved during the spanking.  They want to be sure to spank her entire bottom, covering every inch of both butt cheeks.  In addition, extra attention needs to be focused on the lowest part of her butt, the spot that touches a chair when she sits, often referred to as the “sit spot”.  This part of her bottom needs to be spanked longer and harder, enough that it ends up bruised. This assures that her lesson is long lasting, and without her bottom being bared it is harder to gauge when her bottom is properly bruised.

bare bottom spanking pic

Baring her bottom for a hard spanking in front of her best friends.

Another reason that a bare bottom spanking for the older teen is essential is to add an embarrassment factor to her punishment.  A girl that is used to having her bottom spanked on a regular basis may be less affected by the pain of her spanking.  But a high school girl never quite gets used to having her to show her bare bottom on demand.  After all, this is a girl who has been driving for a couple of years, probably has a job, and is close to starting college.  There is a good chance that she has a boyfriend, and if she is sexually active, there

parents spanking child

Mom wakes up to give her daughter a bare bottom strapping for coming home late.

is a good chance that he is the only person in her life that gets to see her teen bottom.  Knowing that a spanking from mom or dad will include her having to spend some time with her butt on display, may serve as an additional deterrent from her getting into trouble in the first place.  Some parents take this fear of being on display as step further and choose to administer the spanking in full view of anyone present at the time. There is no being sent to her room,

bare butt spanking teen

Lowering her pants and panties for a godo old fashioned bare bottom whoopin' with a belt from her mother

her bottom is bared and she is required to bend over the back of the couch right there in the family room for a session with dad’s belt.  Or maybe mom bares her bottom and bends her over the kitchen table for a long and hard spanking with a wooden spoon.  Either way, no teen girl is comfortable baring her butt in a public situation.

A final, and very important reason that the older teen should have to bare her bottom for her spanking, is that of cooperation and ownership of her punishment.  Gone are the days of her being held in place for a

bare butt girl spanking picture

Pants and panties always come down for this teen girl when she is spanked by her dad

spanking from mommy.  Before her spanking a very serious conversation should have taken place that informs her of why she is to be spanked.  By the end of the lecture she should be quite aware of what she did and that it is her actions that brought her to this moment of being spanked.  As a result of knowing the spanking is deserved, it is essential that she assist in her punishment.  The biggest part of this is presenting her bottom to be punished.  She not only has to bend over and position her bottom is such a manner that is it in the ideal location for a strict spanking, but she needs to go through the effort of baring it first.  As much as she knows it is going to hurt, and as embarrassing as the whole process is going to be, she needs to unbutton her pants, lower her panties, and present her bottom for her spanking.  This makes a real part of the process.  This shows her that she still needs to submit to authority, even if that means showing her teen bottom

teen bare bottom punishment

Completely embarrassed, at the age of 18, to have to lower her pants and panties in front of dad for a long and hard OTK spanking

to whoever is present.  She still needs guidance and she still needs the occasional spanking.  By spanking her long and hard, on her bare bottom, she is certain to learn a real lesson.

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