The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

A spanking from mom or dad for sexting.

There are so many young ladies now days that have no idea that the sexy little pictures they take of themselves and send to their

showing her breasts is about to earn her a spanking

Sexting is about to turn into a spanking

boyfriends, will end up all over the Internet.  Maybe they think it feels so much like love that their boyfriend would never betray them by posting the pictures online.  Or maybe it is because they never got caught by their mom or dad and had their cute little bottoms that they like showing off so much, blistered with a belt or a paddle.  The young ladies of today might now be so quick to lock themselves in the bathroom, show off their teen breasts and bottoms, if their little butts were bruised from a hard strapping from mom.

Consider this young blond girl, taking a picture of her teen breasts and showing off her tight body in tiny

a spanking from mom

Her mom gives her a hard spanking with the strap.

little panties.  Imagine if her mom walked in a caught her doing this.  Hopefully her mom would immediately place her over her bed and go and get the strap that was purchased specifically for spanking her naughty teen bottom.  Those tiny little panties would be pulled down and her mom would give her a long and hard session with the strap.  When she is done her bottom would be red enough that she will be in no hurry to take any pictures of her butt in the mirror.

Showing off her naughty bits is about to get her a spanking with the paddle

Showing her bottom is going to get is paddled by mom

Or what if this young lady’s mom went through the pictures on her phone and saw what she had been texting.  Imagine the horror as she realizes that her daughter is not just sending sexy little photos that tease a little, she is actually sending pictures of her bottom and exposed vagina.  This strict mom is not going to let her get off with a little session with the strap.  She marches her daughter into the kitchen, lifts her skirt, and then proceeds to teach her a lesson she will never forget with the heavy bread board that she has used as a paddle for many years.  This implement gets right to the point as she paddles her daughter’s bare bottom for close to five minutes.  Her mom makes sure to bruise every inch of the bare bottom that she is

a spanking from mom

A hard spanking with the paddle on her bare bottom

so fond of showing off.  A bare bottom paddling to tears is exactly what is required to encourage her to not be so quick to show off her teen body.

For the girl who is being a little more careful and just taking revealing photos, the results might be the same.  Imagine the father that comes across the picture of his daughter posing in her bathroom wearing the tiniest of PJ’s.  The outfit alone is not enough to get her in trouble if it is in the privacy of her

a spanking with the belt from dad

Cute now, tears to come

room. But when she decides to pose like a stripper, showing off her breasts, and then take a picture of it, then she has crossed the line.  This dad has no trouble taking care of this matter the moment she comes home from school.  Even though she is 18, he still bares her bottom for her spankings.  She is marched into his office, has to lower her pants and panties, as dad removes his thick

a spanking with dad's belt

A spanking with dad's belt teaches her a real lesson

leather belt.  He is going to make damn sure his daughter learns not to display her teen body on the web, so he really gets to work with the belt.  He spanks hard and fast from the very beginning and really tears up her teen butt.  The leather belt leaves welts and bruises, and quickly convinces her to quit her little bathroom modeling sessions.   There is no doubt that the next time she evens considers a sexy little photo that her bottom and her brain will remember the long and hard spanking from dad’s belt.

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