The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

Real Corporal Punishment Video…Dad Paddles Daughter on Tape

There are many spanking sites out there that try to bring you footage that feels like parental discipline being administered to the bottom of a teenage girl.  Most of them feature young ladies baring their butts for a hard spanking, or maybe even stripping down fully naked for a hard punishment session from a parental figure.  In reality, when an older teen is punished by one of her parents, which is still not all the uncommon of an occurrence, she is rarely baring her butt, and is certainly not getting a spanking while fully naked.

When real corporal punishment is administered to an older teen girl, the reality of the situation is that she is typically bending over for her spanking, wearing whatever she has on at the time.  Knowing teen girls nowadays, this means that the typical teen girl gets paddled with a paddle, or strapped with a belt, on her tight jeans.  If we want to watch a real corporal punishment videos, in which it seems that a daughter is being paddled by her dad, consider the video below, which is as realistic of a spanking you will ever see in which a teen girl gets a hard paddling from her dad.

This girl is sent upstairs to retrieve the family paddle to be used to spank her with.  She is called down into the living room and

Real corporal punishment video captured on tape

Dad makes her bend over and wait to for her corporal punishment paddling

made to bend over, presenting her teen bottom to be paddled.  He is in no hurry and waits a minute or so before standing up to administer corporal punishment. He grabs the heavy wood paddle and gets started.  There is no yelling or screaming, she knows exactly why she is being paddled, so he simply begins spanking her bottom with the wooden paddle.  Unlike many spanking videos out there, this one is a very real corporal punishment video.  He does not give her a warm-up with soft little swats, each swat of the paddle is full force from the very beginning.  He does not need to paddle her for 5 minutes, as no dad really spanks like this. He gives her 16 hard swats with the paddle, to her tight teen bottom, over her jeans, and it is enough to teach her a lesson.  She is in tears when it is over and her bottom is bruised.  This is a real corporal punishment video, even though it comes from a pay site, it seems as though it really happened and that you are getting to watch a dad paddle his teen daughter and it is all captured on video.

This scene comes from a recent update in the member’s area of  It does not involve a long lecture to try to kill time in a video.  It does not start with a silly handspanking, then progress to the belt, and then move on to a paddling. It is real corporal punishment as applied in the homes of America on a daily basis.  Ask a 16-18 year old girl that is still paddled at home what a real paddling in her house is like and I am certain images of this real corporal punishment video will come to mind.  If you want to see real teen girls get real discipline at the hands or parental figures, visit

Real Corporal Punishment Video...Dad Paddles Daughter

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