The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

What is Spanking?

What is Spanking?  The formal definition is:

Spanking refers to the act of striking the buttocks of another person to cause temporary pain without producing physical injury. It generally involves one person striking the buttocks of another person with an open hand. When an open hand is used, spanking is referred to in some countries as slapping or smacking. More severe forms of spanking, such as switching, paddling, belting, caning, whipping, and birching, involve the use of an implement instead of a hand.

But spanking means many different things for many different people.  Let’s take a look at how very different spanking can be for one certain group of people…the older teenage girl.  Chances are that a girl that is gets spanked after the age of 14 has probably been spanked most of her life.  With the older teen girl who receives a spanking there tends to be a common thread.  There is a very good chance that her parents are religious.  Many people believe that the Bible clearly calls for the spanking of a child and they follow through with that

spanking from dad

Dad gives her a spanking over her jeans.

direction.  There is a higher probability of a girl raised in the South to receive a spanking as opposed to other areas of the country.  Obviously a girl that is getting spanked at home well into her teen years is probably a bit of a trouble maker.

But a spanking for one girl might not be the same as a spanking to another girl. Even looking at the definition above we can see that there is a lot of variance in how a


She is given a spanking in the kitchen with her bottom bared.

spanking is applied.  For some teen girls they might still receive their spanking the way they always have, bent over the knee of their dad for a long and hard spanking with his hand.  He may apply the spanking hard enough and long enough that he does not need to bare her bottom.  As long as the spanking leads to tears and a sore bottom, he is satisfied with spanking he administered. Some girls may not be so lucky and might find themselves having to lower their pants and panties for a long and hard handspanking on their bare bottoms.  Some moms and dads do not even allow any privacy when administering a spanking and might just bend the naughty girl over right there in the kitchen, make her put her hands on the sink, and spank her teen bottom until she has learned her lesson.  Sometimes this is done in full view of the rest of the family as a warning to her brothers and sisters to be on their best behavior.

But if we are being realistic in our exploration of the spanking of a teenage girl, we must realize that for the older teens, a handspanking is rarely going to take care of the problem. Many parents decide, as their daughters get older, that a more severe form of spanking is required.  This often

belt spanking

Dad bares her bottom and gives her a spanking with a belt.

leads to what implement is available in any given household that can be used to give a hard spanking.  For most teen girls this typically means the belt. Every house has a leather belt, so it is not uncommon for it to be folded in half and used to apply a very effective spanking to a naughty daughter’s bottom.  It is not surprising how effective dad’s large Western belt can be when discipline is required.  It can be used for spanking over jeans, a skirt, pajamas, or even the pretty Sunday dress that she wears to Church.  But obviously when she receives a spanking with a belt on her bare bottom, the most amount of learning takes place.  It is a much different type of spanking when a young

belt spanking

Presenting her teen bottom for a spanking with the belt.

lady is marched to her room, required to lower her pants and panties, for a long session with the belt on her bare bottom.  Many parents require their teen daughter to bend over the bed, others simply have them bend over in the center of the room and put their hands on their knees.  With their teen butt in the air their spanking with the belt begins.  Each stroke leaves a welt on her tight bottom, and with each one there is learning taking place.  A long and hard spanking with a belt gets immediate and long lasting results.  Unlike a simple handspanking, a belt brings tears right away.

Just as the belt is a level of severity beyond a handspanking, there are always other options for dealing with the naughtiest of girls.  For many teen girls this involves their bottom being


Getting a spanking with a wooden spoon

spanked with a wooden implement.  The most readily available in any house is a wooden spoon.  While somewhat small, when a wooden spoon is used for spanking it can really bruise a bottom quickly.  It is light enough that it can be used to cover a teen girl’s entire bottom, even the backs of her thighs, but the sting is intense and really gets a naughty girl promising to be good.  Due to its lightness it is best used for spanking a bare bottom.  For a


A spanking on ber butt with dad's paddle

household that really takes their spanking seriously, there are a couple of levels of spanking that go far and above the rest.  Some families actually go out of their way to create a spanking implement that is used to punish naughty girls.  The most common form this comes in is a wooden paddle.  Constructed in the garages, sheds, and workshops of dads across the country, wooden paddles are built for the spanking of the naughtiest bottoms out there.  A wooden paddle is quite a convincing deterrent when looking to adjust a naughty girl’s bad behavior.  One of the nicest features of a wooden paddle is that it is effective over clothes and on the bare bottom.  Often there is not the time or the privacy to go through the ritual of sending her to her room, baring her bottom, and then


Mom makes her bare her butt for a spanking with the paddle

applying a proper spanking.  Consider the teen girl who decides to be a smart mouth right as the family is walking out the door to leave the house.  Dad can simply grab the paddle from the closet and give her a spanking with the paddle, right there on the spot, and still achieve the desired results.  Even over pants and panties a heavy wooden paddle, maybe even one with holes in it, is sure to blister her bottom and have her in tears in no time.  Take that same paddle and apply it to her bare bottom and you will have a young lady on the straight and narrow for weeks to come.

A final factor in the spanking equation regarding severity and implements has to do with tradition.  There are some families in which for generations spanking has been the primary method of disciplineIt is not uncommon for moms to spank their daughters in the exact same way that they were spanked by their mothers. Also within this tradition may be a spanking implement that has been handed down, the most common of these implements in a heavy wooden antique hairbrush.  A mom knows from first-hand experience how effective the brush is as her mother used to bruise her bottom with it when she was a teen.  She hates to have to use it for a spanking but knows that


A severe spanking with the wooden hairbrush

some situations in life call for a spanking that will never be forgotten.  By taking her almost adult daughter and having her lower her pants and panties, lay her over her knees, and then spanking her with her mom’s hairbrush, she is assured a lesson will be learned. The mom can still recall exactly how that brush felt on her bare bottom, so she knows the lessons never go away.  She also knows that after the spanking with the hairbrush that the pain of the spanking lingers for many days.  She can recall crying herself to sleep, while lying on her belly, as her bottom was much too sore to sleep on her back.  She can still remember the next morning, getting out of bed, and how it was sore to even walk.  She can recall looking at her bottom in the mirror and seeing a mess of black and blue covering her entire bottom.  It feels like it was just yesterday that she tried to sit at the hard chairs at the dinner table and found it almost impossible to do so.  She remembers all of this clearly as she administers a spanking to her teen daughter with the same brush, seeing the same marks on her daughter’s bottom, knowing her daughter is learning the same lessons.

A spanking comes in many shapes and forms, but when applied correctly for the given situation it is an effective form of discipline for teenage girls throughout the world.  The above pictures come from the member’s area of, a site that currently has 1600 different spanking videos that explore the spanking and corporal punishment of legal age teen girls.

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