The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

Dad uses the belt for the corporal punishment of his daughter video.

She may be 19 years old, but she still lives at home and he still pats her cell phone bill.  Her past behavior has led him to checking her cell phone on occasion.  On this day he sees that she has been engaging in a couple of behaviors that are absolutely forbidden in their house.  the first is the fact that she has been texting and driving.  He has little tolerance for this and they have discussed this issue before.  As he goes further through her phone he also sees that she has been taking sexy little photos of herself and texting them to her boyfriend.  He has finally seen enough and chooses to handle as only a strict dad can.

She is made to stand up and bend over right there in the family room. He removes his heaviest leather belt and gets to work spanking her teen butt.  The thin little fabric of her dress offers little protection as he applies corporal punishment in a manner that she will never forget.  For the offense of texting and driving he knows that he really needs to spank her severely.  This is very dangerous behavior and he wants to eliminate it permanently.  He decides that the only way this is really going to happen is if he bares her bottom for her spanking with his belt.  Her dad raises her dress, lowers her panties, and gets right back to work.  He swings the belt as hard as he can and continues to blister her already bruised bottom.  Even as the tears begin to flow, he does not let that deter him when spanking his daughter.  He beats her bottom long and hard with the heavy leather belt until he is certain that a lesson has been learned. When he is done her bottom is a mess of welts and bruises, but it was what was required, and was indeed the punishment that she had earned.  Even at the age of 19 she receives corporal punishment at home from her dad.

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Teen girl corporal punishment, belt spanking from dad video

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