The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

Girls getting spanked with dad’s paddle

For generations and generations handy dads have always managed to find a way to be

Bent over the couch for a hard spanking with dad's paddle

creative in their garages and workshops.  The need very few materials and only a couple of tools to get the job done.  A basic saw and some sandpaper is the bare minimum needed. Designs vary greatly as well the type of wood used.  Some end up as almost works of art, others are very crude, but still get the job done.  When it is complete, they have the family paddle.

spanking with a paddle

Dad sends her to her room to be spanked with her paddle

The purpose is simple, to take a piece of wood and construct it into something suitable for spanking the bottom of a teenage girl.  Most commonly a 1/2′ to 3/4′ thick piece of wood is used to start.  Almost any heavy type of wood can be used, with paddles often being made from pine, oak, maple, and even plywood.  The design varies quite a bit and really depends on the preferences of the dad making the paddle.  Typically, most dads tend to go for the school/sorority style paddle design, which is typically long and wide, with a long handle. Construction is pretty simple for this style paddle and it can be made quite quickly. Sometimes holes are drilled into the paddle to decrease wind resistance and assure a good and hard swat.  A paddle such as this will most often be used to apply very hard swats across both of her butt cheeks with one swat.

Some dads choose to use a smaller paddle, that is more of the size of a single butt cheek.

a paddle spanking from dad

Dad bares her bottom and spanks her with the smaller paddle until she is bruised

These are still typically rectangular in nature and are very effective when paddling a naughty teen girl over the knee.  When paddling in this manner, she is typically paddled faster than with the school type paddle, and the punishment alternates from cheek to cheek.  Its use is not limited to OTK spanking and can be used in many positions.  While a little more difficult to construct, round and oval paddles are also very effective.  The paddle can be designed in such a way that the part of the paddle that strikes, is the same size as each of her bottom cheeks.  With two swats, the entire buttocks can be nicely covered.  Of course this needs to be repeated dozens of times for proper results.

dad's paddle spanking

She is spanked long and hard before bed with dad's small oak paddle

Paddles are made for different reasons.  Often, the young lady has just grown up enough that a hand or belt is no longer effective.  He may even march the naughty teen out into the garage with him to watch him build the paddle. For some families, the family paddle is a tradition, and is the manner that they have all been punished for generations.  It is not completely uncommon for each teen in the house to have their own paddle that is used specifically on them.  In some households in which the application of the paddle to a naughty teen girl’s bottom is severe and takes place often, dad may find himself making a few paddles a year, as they tend to break on tight teen butts when swung full force.

The family paddle is often kept in a place in which it can be seen on a daily basis.  For some

a paddling from daddy

Bent over the bed in her room, she gets a strict paddling

families, they do not care who knows that they still spank their oldest daughter, and the paddle hangs on the wall of the family room, kitchen, or den.  The daughter is always highly embarrassed when she has friends over as they all know exactly what it is for.  Her parent’s friends might be over for a visit, notice it, and good talk about spanking will often take place. They do not hesitate to discuss the fact that their 17 year old daughter still drops her pants for a good paddling when needed. In some families, spanking is kept a little more private and the young lady may be required to keep the paddle hanging in her room. Every day, she sees it and serves as a reminder to be on her very best behavior.

a severe paddling from dad spanking punishment

He makes her put her hands on the floor, for a very hard disciplinary paddling in the kitchen, using dad's biggest paddle.

The main reason for dads to build a paddle is that it is so very effective when used to swat a teen girl’s bottom.  Regardless of the type of paddle, the wood used to build it, or the size of the paddle, it tends to achieve results.  Bent over her bed, grabbing her ankles, or laid across dad’s lap, the sting of the wood will always teach a lesson.  A bare bottom paddling will always teach the best lesson, but a couple dozen hard swats with a heavy school paddle over jeans, still leaves her in tears and sore for days.  A proper paddling from dad’s paddle will leave the teen girl with a bruised bottom, but that is one of the primary reason for using a wood paddle.  This is not a light hand spanking, it is a serious punishment, used for serious infractions. A bruised bottom will serve as a reminder every time she sits, for at least a day.  For very strict dads, with very naughty teen daughters, he may paddle her long enough, and hard enough, that she literally cannot sit down for two days, and experiences discomfort for close to a week.  For naughty girls, age 16 and older, a traditional paddling, from dad’s homemade paddle, is often required.

The pictures used for this article come real paddling videos in the member’s areas of and  Both sites feature the hardest and most realistic home paddling videos ever filmed.  Nothing is faked and the reactions are real. Teen girls paddled until they are in tears, with a very real lesson having been learned.

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