The Study of Corporal Punishment and Spanking for Discipline

A Spanking before bedtime

Not all spankings are administered right on the spot.  It is quite common for a young lady

teen girl spanking

Sent to her room, ready for bed, and will be getting a spanking from her dad

to be told that she is to be spanked and to have to wait all day for it.  One of the most common occurrences is for a young lady to be sent to her room, to wait to be spanked before bed.  This can happen in many ways and for many reasons.  Quite common is for the teen girl to be in trouble with her mom, but it is dad who administers the corporal punishment.  She is sent to her room and has to wait until dad gets home for a spanking.  It is also quite common for the subject of who is in trouble and needs to be spanked, to be the topic at the dinner table.  The family is all together, there are no tempers or emotions present, and the parents have a conversation regarding someone breaking the rules.  Their teen daughter is able to defend herself and offer her side of the story.  The parents then decide if a spanking is in order or not.  The daughter is informed that she will be punished, that it will be a bare bottom spanking, and that she will be spanked before bed. She is required to help with the dishes as always, but is then sent to her room, to change into her pj’s, and wait.

teen girl spanking before bed

She knows that dad just got home, she knows her bottom is about to be spanked with hairbrush

The waiting can often be as hard as the spanking itself.  Sitting in her room, only able to focus on the spanking that is going to take place.  Some parents heighten this anticipation by not allowing her to do anything while in her room but sit and think.  No TV, no music, no books, nothing to allow her mind to wander from the task at hand.  For the teen girl who was sent to her room early in the day, waiting for dad to come up with the belt or the paddle, it can be a long wait. Her heart starts racing when she hears him pull up and come into the house.  She can hear her parents talking through her closed door, but has no idea what is being said.  He may come right up the stairs to her room and get it over with, or he might not spank her teen bottom until bed time.  Or maybe she will be called down to dinner and how she will be spanked will become dinner conversation.  Maybe it won’t be mentioned at all, or maybe he will let her know exactly what is coming, “Your mom said that you have been quite the trouble maker lately.  She thinks I need to teach the ‘lesson of your life’.  After dinner you need to get back into your room and get ready for bed, I will be up in a couple hours with the hairbrush.  I am afraid we are going to have to blister your bottom long and hard”.

Imagine what an effect that conversation will have on her behavior.  Sitting on her bed, in

severe teen punishment spanking

Mom spanks her daughter's butt, thighs, and hips with the strap. Severe transgressions require severe consequences

her little nighty, heart racing every time she hears a footstep in the house.  She would be so focused on the last time she felt the hairbrush and how each smack left a bruise on her bottom.  For every teen girl who has ever gone through this type of wait, they know how maddening it can be.  Some may even have to wait long enough that they doze off.  Or ever worse, dad works late hours and she has to go to bed, knowing when he gets home, that her parents will have the talk.  Sound asleep she wakes up to the light on in her room and his voice.  Her heart races as she knows in just seconds her bottom will be blistered.

getting her bottom spanked

Dad spanked her long and hard with his belt

Regardless of how long the wait is, eventually a spanking will occur.  Her door might eventually open and mom comes in to give her a hard whuppin’. Maybe this time it will be

teen spanking

Getting spanked with the hairbrush in the living room in front of the whole family

dad and he will have the paddle.  For some young ladies, their door opens only to find themselves called back into the family room for her spanking.  This family may believe that a spanking is a family event.  She might be called down in her nighty, and see that the family is all watching TV.  She is told to raise her nighty, drop her panties, and bend over the arm of the couch.  Her very private time with her thoughts in her room is replaced with a very

teen spanking picture

public paddling in full view of her brothers and sisters. They know better than to snicker, but they certainly watch each and every swat of the antique hairbrush applied severely to her teen butt.

It does not really matter if it is public or done in the privacy of her room, if done right, it still gets results.  Moms throughout the country have

teenage girl spanked by mom

Mom uses a wooden spoon to spank her teen bottom

become quite proficient with large Western belts.  Placing a pillow on the bed, having her daughter bare her bottom and lie down on the pillow, and prepare herself to be taught a lesson.  Her mom has learned that she needs to swing the belt hard and that she needs to spank for many minutes to teach this girl a lesson.  Gone are the days of a dozen good smacks. Her 18 year old bottom only seems to respond to a belt licking that she will wear on her bottom for days. Or maybe it is dad that gives the before bedtime spankings.  He

dad spanking with a belt

Dad blisters her ass with the razor strap

may enter her room, bare her bottom, and have her bend over the edge of the bed for a long session with the razor strap. Whoever the spanker, whatever the implement, a before bed spanking is quite effective and achieves results on a teen girl’s bottom.

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